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I’ve always found the best way to understand someone is to learn about the important moments in their life. With that in mind, here’s an experience in my life that will hopefully give you some insight into why I tell my story.


When I was 11, my dad and I stood on the balcony of our modest 450 square foot apartment, in my hometown near the Ural Mountains of Russia. I pointed at a foreign-made car and said “I want to drive a car like that.” My dad gave his usual response: “if you believe you can, you will.” I held my breath. It was 1994 in post-Soviet Russia, and foreign-made cars were as rare as four-leaf clovers. But more importantly, I did not know a single woman with her own car, not even a woman who knew how to drive one. Women took buses to work if their husbands were not around to give them a ride. I did a double-take at his face expression - it radiated confidence. In the next moment I got it: claim your power, not your limits.


My dad passed away when I was 16. We did not get to spend much time together, but he had enough time to teach me tobelieve I can reach my dreams no matter the status quo and that was the most important part.


This is why I am so passionate to tell my story to more people. This is why I hope my story will resonate with you.


Claim your power, not your limits. 

A talk that will inspire you to put your dreams at the forefront of your life.

Encouraged by her dad's wisdom "If you believe you can, you will", Deana believed she could build a life she wanted. Born in Soviet Union, she moved to the USA in her early adult life, graduated from college and got accepted into a highly competitive Fortune 500 executive management program. She became interested in the topic of personal power and self-efficacy after becoming a mother. New turn in life, she soon discovered, required a boost in confidence.


Deana will energize you to capture that daring spirit within you and chase after what you want. Sharing her own experience of overcoming a conviction that held her back, she illustrates how we live a life that is either limited or unlimited by our beliefs. With research, storytelling, and appealing visuals, she shows you self-empowerment strategies to increase confidence in your own capabilities. 

In this session you'll learn about:

  • Well-being - why beliefs are a foundation for thriving

  • How norm matching holds us back

  • Strategies to cultivate optimistic beliefs 

  • Approaching the future with solutions and growth 

By cultivating an empowering belief system, we are able to activate our personal power, set higher aspirations, choose the right behaviors and persevere in the face of obstacles - and live out greatest life. 



- Tess Schuster, Gap Inc. 

"Deana's story is really encouraging. Got me actually to pause and think about my personal dreams, and making sure that I am keeping those at the forefront and thinking about them, actually how to take action moving towards my dreams."

- Jacqui Egan, Women in Leadership Organization.

"I really enjoyed Deana's presentation. I think she presented some topics that we all struggle with in very simple and effective way. Her story is very inspiring and I think she is so authentic and I am just so supportive of her following her dreams and having courage to do that. Well done, Deana." 

- Emlyn Thompson, Gap Inc. 

"I just wanted to thank you for coming and speaking with us and being so relatable. I feel truly inspired right now. And I feel that I can step out of my comfort zone to go chase my dreams now. I am excited!" 


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